Farm Shop and Gifts


Eggs – We have a flock of outdoor hens and ducks living in the fields on the driveway. We collect eggs from them every day.

Fruit & Veg

Shelves of fresh fruit and veg

Select from a range of seasonal home grown produce!

From potatoes to peas and peppers, or cherries and courgettes and cucumbers!

We have a selection on produce from our field as well as from further afield.


Buffalo Farm supply us with a wide range of beef, pork, chicken and pies.

Home Baking

Staff member holds a home baked cake on a tray

Mum (Elise) spends most of her days in our bakehouse, creaming butter, and sugar to make the lightest if cakes for both the café and shop.

Using seasonal fruit, she adds them to fresh cream sponges, tarts, and scones!

Don’t forget to ask what the scone of the day is!

Gift Shop

Our gift shop has a great selection of books, games and toys. We also stock a range of Grass and Air welly boots for children.